"Movement is the medicine. Each of us has the power and responsibility to heal ourselves........

The moving center is within you." 
~ Gabrielle Roth


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Full Flow Conscious Dance

Full Flow Conscious Dance is a free-form movement exploration unifying our innate body intelligence with beat, breath and space. Through this practice, we investigate who we are and how we move in the world, both literally and metaphorically.


No dance or movement experience is necessary, just an attitude of curiosity, a desire to move your body and a willingness to engage with your own Self.


Watch Ode to Flow


Watch Joyful Flow



Photo by Mackenzie Doyle



Yoga is a source of understanding between the body and the Self.


I offer personalized instruction to individuals and groups in various forms of Asana practice with adaptation for varying experience levels. Instruction can be in class or focused workshop formats. I have a curious and playful approach to practice, encouraging each student to discover how Yoga Asana looks and feels in their own unique body and being.


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Watch Multi Level Yoga class video in Mexico


Watch Living Sakshi Yoga at Mar De Jade


Meditation is the art of being with ourselves.


By engaging the body through grounding exercises, awareness, breath work, and subtle movement, we can enter into the practice of meditation with a clear sensation of our physical vessel and its place in time and space.

Embodied Meditation

This body is where the result of our meditation practice is lived; by inviting it fully into our practice, we can seamlessly integrate our meditation experience into the awareness of our whole Self.​