I am Sakshi Keeton

I am Living Sakshi​


Your name is good…”

This reminder was offered by the honored teacher who gave me this beautiful and challenging designation many years ago.


A call to life - through detachment from life. A paradox? Perhaps.​

A doorway to a fuller capacity to receive and to give?

Most certainly.​

An invitation to see, to listen, to feel, as deeply inwardly as most of us do outwardly?


I have always been a lover of life.

Fascination with the dance of energies that make up our lives and how it affects the collective and personal experience is at the core of my inspiration in practicing therapeutic modalities and teaching movement disciplines.


I have a strong sense of being much more than this particular person in this specific time and place. Much of my life has been spent pursuing direct experiences of this, 'more than'.


My personal journey has led me through times of deep connection to land and place, times of excavation surrounding the meaning of my own physical existence and times of introspection anchored in the unseen and unknown.

The journey continues, both inward and outward, and I welcome the opportunity to share – of my path and of yours.  Living Sakshi is made of this.